Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

A Training For Life

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Author: Dan Millman
Narrator: Dan Millman
Audio Original
Running Time: 7 Hrs. 55 Min.

In this complete map of The Peaceful Warrior’s Way, Dan presents the full scope of what we call “personal and spiritual growth.” In the school of life, these gateways represent the coursework we are here to master:

1. Discover your Worth: Opening to life’s blessings

2. Reclaim your Will: Turning knowledge into action

3. Energize your Body: Enhancing every human capacity

4. Manage your Money: Attaining sufficiency and stability

5. Tame your Mind: Making peace with the present

6. Trust your Intuition: Harnessing your inner knower

7. Accept your Emotions: Understanding your feeling nature

8. Face your Fears: Accessing the spirit of a peaceful warrior

9. Illuminate your Shadow: Achieving self-knowledge and authenticity

10. Embrace your Sexuality: Enjoying intimate pleasure in relationship

11. Awaken your Heart: Bringing more love into the world

12. Serve your World: Finding meaning, purpose and connection

The program prepares you for, and culminates with, a Master Practice you can apply in any moment to enrich the quality of your life.

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