Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Four Paradoxes

The Hidden School is an adventure narrative containing teachings and reminders sprinkled throughout the story. But readers will find the most direct teachings in a certain journal, centered around four paradoxes (or opposing statements that are both true):

Does time exist?  Yes.
Is time an illusion?  Yes.
Do we have free will?  Yes.
Is free will an illusion?  Yes.
Are we each a separate self?  Yes.
Are we all one?   Yes.
Does death exist?  Yes.
Is death an illusion?  Yes.
How can all these opposing statements each be true?
Find out in THE HIDDEN SCHOOL: Return of the Peaceful Warrior to clarify and reconcile these long-debated questions.
But why do I need to understand all this?  How can it benefit my daily life?

Few of us contemplate such questions in our day-to-day lives, because our attention is focused on our relationship(s), health, financial stability, education, children, and career. At the same time, understanding paradox provides a foundation for all the pursuits of daily life, leading to wisdom and ease, reduced stress, and an expanded perspective on the changing currents of everyday life.

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