Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Booking a Keynote

Dan Millman is a sought-out keynote speaker who has been invited to present for audiences across the world. He has spoken in 32 countries, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Ukraine, UK, and more.


Favoring real-world outcomes over abstract concepts, his work has direct, practical applications in everyday life, in areas such as enhanced wellness, stress reduction, and life-enhancement at work and at home —  how to live a happier, more meaningful and purposeful life.

He delivers engaging, thought-provoking, and incisive commentary both via Zoom (custom pre-recorded or live-stream), as well as in-person. Dan customizes his presentations to suit each audience’s needs and interests, with principles, perspectives and practices anyone can apply as needed.

Example Keynote Topics

Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit
The demands of daily life, at work and at home, make peaceful warriors of us all. Dan’s keynote reveals how to overcome self-doubt, access true courage, turn knowledge into action, awaken the warrior spirit, and transform our work into a path of personal evolution; concluding with a simple method to open our hearts and connect with others.

The Four Purposes of Life
 By viewing our lives through the lens of four fundamental purposes below, we re-awaken to the value of everyday challenges at work and at home.

  • Learning Life’s Lessons
  • Clarifying Career and Calling
  • Discovering Your Life Path
  • The Purpose of this Present Moment

Dan concludes this keynote by revealing the life-changing power of attention (mindfulness) in the present moment.

The Bigger Picture of Success
As we strive for health, love, financial success and career enhancement, it’s easy to lose sight of life’s bigger picture — what we’re doing here on Planet Earth above and beyond our work – or rather, larger lessons we can learn through our work, relationships, health and finances. Dan will share “12 Courses in the School of Life” that each of us study on our way to an  inspired life. These life-enhancing courses include areas of self-worth, self-discipline, energizing the body, managing money, taming the mind, accepting emotions, and more—all leading to true success, fulfillment, and to a natural, easeful way of living.

Universal Laws for the Business of Living
The universe works according to laws as real and concrete as the law of gravity. In this keynote, Dan shows how to harness the laws of balance, choices presence, action, and non-resistance to master ourselves and improve every facet of our lives at work and at home.

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