Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Peaceful Warrior Saga – Timeline

where The Hidden School  fits . . .

THERE’S A POINT in Way of the Peaceful Warrior, just before the final chapter, when my old mentor Socrates sends me out into the world to learn the lessons of daily life. In a few summary pages, I marry, become a father, a coach, and later a college professor. Then, in a few summary pages, I refer to travels around the world, but without any details about what occurred.

I wrote Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior and The Hidden School to fill in those details. The Hidden School, in particular, reveals the transformative experiences that prepared me for the death, rebirth, and awakening revealed in the final chapter of Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Thus, my second and third peaceful warrior books both unfold within the timeframe of my first book. If you’re interested in reading the entire saga in the most ‘chrono-logical’ way, you would:

FIRST: Read Way of the Peaceful Warrior to the point when Socrates sends me away, prior to the final chapter — then set the book down (if you can!).
SECOND: Read Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.
THIRD: Read The Hidden School, which shows my transition from student and seeker to teacher and writer.
FOURTH: Pick up Way of the Peaceful Warrior where you left off, and read the final chapter and Epilogue, completing the saga.

Whether or not you read the trilogy in this manner, the following timeline can help you understand where The Hidden School fits within the larger story.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

  1. December 1966  (Dan is 20 years old)
    Dan meets a mysterious old service station mechanic he names Socrates
  2. January 1967 – May 1968  (20-22 years old)
    During Dan’s junior and senior years, interrupted by various events, he learns more about himself and an approach to living Socrates calls “the peaceful warrior’s way.”  In the spring of 1968 Dan co-captains his team to win UC Berkeley’s first NCAA title in gymnastics.  Dan marries Linda.
  3. June 1968 – May 1973  (22-27 years old)
    Dan graduates from UC Berkeley, and Socrates sends him away into the “school of daily life.” His daughter Holly is born. Dan begins coaching gymnastics at Stanford University. Four years later, in 1972, he accepts a faculty position at Oberlin College; he and Linda and Holly move to Ohio. In 1973, on a research grant from the college, Dan begins a worldwide journey. Dan and Linda formally separate.

Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

  1. June 1973 – late August 1973  (27 years old)
    Dan experiences visionary adventures in a Hawaiian rainforest on Molokai with a kahuna (shaman / healer-teacher) named Mama Chia.

The Hidden School

  1. September 1973 – June 1974 (27-28 years old)
    After departing from Hawaii, Dan begins a quest that takes him around the world to meet new characters and challenges.

Epilogue of The Hidden School

  1. August 1976 (30 years old)
    Dan dreams of and finally heads to the High Sierras . . .

Way of the Peaceful Warrior (the final chapter)

  1. August 1976 (30 years old)
    Dan’s final quest and the culmination of his trials, leading toward a confrontation that will destroy or deliver him.

Epilogue of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

  1. August 1976 (30 years old)
    Dan faces a farewell, a reunion, and a realization.
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