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Way of The Peaceful Warrior (Classic Hardcover Collector’s Edition)

A Book That Changes Lives


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Ever since Way of the Peaceful Warrior was first published in a limited edition in 1980 in hardcover, people have been asking about another hardcover release. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this book that has touched so many lives, the publisher has released this beautiful collector’s edition — a perfect gift that can last a lifetime, to grace one’s bookshelf and to be discovered by new generations of readers.

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Comments by Dan:

Way of the Peaceful Warrior began my own journey as a writer and teacher. I’ve been blessed by thousands of letters I’ve received over the years. When I wrote it, I had no idea that so many people, young and old, from different walks of life, would find my story so inspiring. Over the years I’ve asked myself why. I believe it’s because my story also touched upon universal themes-our common quest for meaning and purpose and direction. Somehow it reminds readers of what they had always known but forgotten — the bigger picture and essential perfection of our lives unfolding.

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