Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel

The graphic novel form exists in its own special realm, brought to life by writer and illustrator. It represents an art form midway between the text novel and motion picture.  In fact, PEACEFUL WARRIOR: The Graphic Novel is based upon Dan’s original script — his vision of the film adaptation as it might have been; and illustrated by Andrew Winegarner.

No doubt young people, who might not read the original book, will find the graphic novel format inviting and accessible — and makes a great gift for any young person — but it holds equal value for adults as well, because it carries the magic, depth, and inspiring lessons of the original book in a new form.

A Story of Growing Up and Waking Up

From the first page, you will discover many original scenes and story elements not found in either the book or the movie. So if you think you “already know the story,” this re-telling will hold some surprises. But like the original book, this graphic novel reaches out across generations of readers, reminding them of life’s bigger picture, and of their own promise and possibilities.