Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Statement About the Peaceful Warrior Movie

Jun 23, 2006

Fifteen years ago, I was fairly compensated for the film rights to my book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior; beyond that, I have no direct financial connection to the movie. Yet I am actively supporting this film because I believe it will do some good in the world.

The Peaceful Warrior movie may turn out to be the first successful mainstream example of — dare I say it? — Personal Growth Cinema. As such, it represents a litmus (or Rorschach) test that distinguishes between those who value personal growth material and those who do not.

Although the film has won grand prize at several film festivals, and garnered high praise from some appreciative reviewers, most critics (who lean toward cynicism) have been less than kind. Audiences, however, love the film — and many are moved to applaud.

For those of us humble enough to acknowledge that we’re growing and learning, “Peaceful Warrior” reflects and expresses an unspoken yearning for higher wisdom. And the scope of this audience includes all human beings searching for a saner, more peaceful way of life for themselves, their nation, their world. We are only just beginning to grasp the size and significance of this awakening humanity.

It took a certain daring to make this movie, because it goes against the grain of old conventional movie wisdom expressed by Sam Goldwyn — “Want to send a message? Use Western Union” — which is why the movie offends those critics who cannot accept teaching and entertainment in the same package. This is indeed a teaching film, a message film, an entertaining and nourishing movie that will stay with audiences long after they leave the theater.

Every pioneering effort is met with resistance, but with a positive audience response and strong word of mouth, the movie will take on a life and momentum of its own that not even the cynics will be able to resist.

Dan Millman