Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way
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In an intimate talk with the filmmakers of “Peaceful Warrior,” Dan speaks about his old mentor.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior blends fact and fiction, memoir and invention, autobiography and imagination. I’ve never claimed otherwise. In fact I’ve taken great care over the past 25 years to distinguish elements of fact and fiction. Discernment and common sense are valuable traits to cultivate. Believe what you wish, but trust your direct experience.

Dan has a provocative discussion about whether we can (or need to) control or “fix” our thoughts or emotions – or whether it might be wiser to focus on changing our behavior.

To reach our goals we try to quiet our minds and create empowering beliefs, practice positive self-talk, find our focus and affirm our power in order to free our emotions (and visualize positive outcomes), so that we can finally develop the confidence to generate the courage to find the determination to make the commitment to feel sufficiently motivated to do whatever it is we need to do.

But there is another way: Just do it.
At a talk in New Mexico, Dan offers essential perspectives, principles and practices for responding to change and challenges at work at at home.
Life unfolds as it will, not always according to our wishes or desires. The wisest among us retain our balance while surfing the waves of change. We float without resistance down even the most powerful rivers. Accepting the inevitability of change, applying flexibility and acceptance, we remain centered in the eye of the cyclone.
Preview The Peaceful Warrior Workout – A 45-Minute instructional DVD Featuring Dan’s Unique 4-Minute Fitness Routine.
See Dan in action on the trampoline!