Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

On Inspired Music and Warriors

Aug 23, 2010

There’s a poster on my office wall that says, Without music, life wouldn’t be fair — a creative and quirky idea, yet somehow it rings true. Music celebrates, for humans, not only the gift of sound, of vibration, but also its unique ability to resonate different chakras, or energy centers. There’s hard rock moving our third chakra of power, and some classical and modern music that resonates the fourth or heart chakra, and other music, like the mental creativity of jazz, that resonates the mind — and some “angelic” pieces in every musical genre that we never tire of, that can play up and down our spines and lives.

I appreciate all music well done, every kind — and I celebrate musicians everywhere — those in the limelight and on stage, and unknown artists, in creative fevers in their room or garage forest meadow, writing, composing, listening to their muse, waiting for that perfect chord or riff, that auditory gift of inspiration, the music of the spheres.

Many musicians have enjoyed my work, as I enjoy theirs. And while it is not my intention to single out only one of so many gemlike talents around the world, I happened to meet a new friend in Germany, who asked me to help with a piece he had conceived. So —

For those of you who enjoy inspiring music, I present my friend and musical visionary Ansgar Ueffink – producer and recording artist in Germany. Our little collaboration turned out nicely. Below you will find his letter, as well as links to… “Warriors” (and a 2-minute video interview he did with me).

My Encounter with Dan Millman

I’ve know Dan’s books for a long time, including his two gripping, semi-autobiographical books, Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.. They’ve always inspired me and helped me through various situations and had a great influence on my personal growth.


In October 2008 I learned that Dan was on a lecture tour throughout Europe. I was able to contact Dan and suggested we create a track based on the “Warriors” topic together. To my surprise, Dan agreed immediately. To achieve the most authentic result possible, I planned to ask him a number of questions in my studio, then to summarize the essence of his answers and weave them rhythmically and artistically into the “Warriors” track.


Our first meeting was tremendously enjoyable, as Dan (who, by the way, is also a former world trampoline champion) is as uncomplicated as you can get. Despite a sinus infection resulting from all his travel, he was ready to drive straight to the studio without even checking into his hotel first.


Having arrived at the studio, he gave everyone a friendly hello and took his time to chat with every person he met. Once again I noticed that Dan was honestly interested in everyone, giving them his undivided attention.


We recorded the interview as planned, which I later edited and fused with the track. Dan stayed another couple of days in Hamburg and I had more opportunities to spend some wonderful time with him. I’ve got to know a person who not only writes books that are helpful to millions, but who lives his teachings. He is now back home in Northern California, but we remain in contact. – And I am so gratified that he enjoys and supports Vargo.


Have fun discovering the Warrior!
All the best wishes and, as Dan says, Good journeys,


THE MUSIC: Video with Dan Millman & VARGO
This summer we dedicated ourselves intensely to our “Warriors” music. As a result, we have two new EPs which are infused with the warrior spirit. We are particularly happy about the collaboration with our friend Dan Millman. Not only did he inspire the song with his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior; he also lent his wonderful voice to the music.


Here are nine exciting interpretations of “Warriors”– one of our favourite tracks from the current album “Precious”. The song is a pulsating hymn to warriors for peace. What’s more, the EP has enriched by the work of a number of remixes, among them downbeat legend Afterlife (UK), the two winners of our remix contest – Softwaver (GER) and SLim Nasr from Egypt – as well as Ibiza’s electronic wiz Ohm-G and Progressive House duo “School of Light” from Hamburg. Have a look at iTunes or Amazon.


EP #2: WARRIORS IN THE MIX – Remix Contest Favourites
Ten tracks. Our favourite interpretations from the remix contest on one sublime compilation. In fact, so many outstanding remixes were submitted that we just had to release another ten of them. So we’re very happy (and a little proud to be honest) to present you with this surprise EP. Have a look at iTunes or Amazon.


“PRECIOUS” album finally released in the US
At last the “Precious” album is available in the USA. As of 3rd September, you will be able to download two versions from all online stores: the normal version and the Deluxe Bonus Video Version with a digital booklet.


Don’t miss the release date: you can pre-order it at iTunes.

This is Dan, reminding you that not only Ansgar and his VARGO team of artists, but all musicians benefit from our support. It is not an easy time for musicians (or so many others). But together, with mutual support, we can continue to . . . make beautiful music together.