Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Notes From Dan March 2008

Greetings Peaceful Warriors:

One of life’s constants is unpredictability. Ten years (or months or weeks) ago, how many of us would have guessed where we’d be right now? Who could have predicted the state of our world today or the complex interaction of variables that created our current circumstances?

As I review my Event page, my future appears organized, but time is a river of passing events. So each time I leave home I hug Joy good-bye and tell her I love her, because you never know what the future will bring. Surprises — some welcome, some less so.

Surprise is the nature of life (and the life of nature). We persist in seeking certainty and security in this changing world. But we cannot control the tides of life; we can only ride the waves like skillful surfers. I wish you good surfing.

* * * *



I’ve decided to offer my eList subscribers a free* Conference Call with me every few months, as time allows. (*Your only cost is your normal long distance rates for the phone call.)

If you’re interested in joining me this Thursday, mark your calendar:

Day: Thursday – March 6
Time: 7 p.m. California* (PT) – (8 MT, 9 CT, 10 ET)
Duration: 45 minutes

International callers: 3 a.m. London time, 4 a.m. most of Europe, etc. If you’d rather not join us live in the night, you will be able to listen to an MP3 recording online for up to 14 days after the call.)

To join the Teleconference:
Call 1-712-432-3000 (International: 011 712 432-3000)
When prompted, punch in the Bridge code: 672539
(There may be a slight delay, so wait for prompt)

I’ll speak about a variety of topics and will respond to questions.

To access the recording (available 90 minutes after the call and then for 14 days):
(1) Go to: http://www.thebasementventures.com/free-conferencing-recording.html
(2) Enter your name and email address along with the Bridge code: 672539
(3) Click “Listen Now”
(4) Once you are logged in, select the recording and click on Play button.

I hope you enjoy this service. Look forward to speaking with you.


September 14-21 – May fill early, so register soon if interested.

Join me on board the wonderful Holland America Westerdam. Beyond the delights of the cruise and ports of call I’ll offer more than ten hours of seminars about the four purposes of life, featuring in-depth exploration of your individual life-purpose.

Whether or not you have read The Life You Were Born to Live, you’ll gain a far deeper understanding of the Life Purpose System, where it came from, and material not covered in the book.

For detailed information and registration, click here. To get the best cabin and assure your place, register soon! (A special gift for all those who register before May 1.) I promise you a glorious time!



Some cause happiness
wherever they go;
others whenever they go.
– Oscar Wilde

There are no office hours for champions.
– Paul Dietzel

My rule is always to do
the business of the day
in the day.
– Arthur Wellington

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

The will to succeed is important,
but what’s more so is the will to prepare.
Bobby Knight

Faith is not making religious-sounding noises in the daytime.
It is asking your inmost self questions at night—
and then getting up and going to work.
– Mary Jean Irion

If you would not have affliction visit you twice,
listen at once to what it teaches.
James Burgh

That which grows fast
withers as quickly;
that which grows slow endures.
– Josiah Gilbert Holland

Our accomplishments in life
are the cumulative effect of
our attention to detail.
– John Foster Dulles


Some of you will enjoy my political commentary (and choice for president). Others will not. If you’d like to read more, click here.


My latest blogs include:

o Child-Rearing

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o A Difficult Decision (Question of the Month & My Response)


To my friends in Australia and New Zealand: From March 25 through April 6 I’ll be presenting seminars in Auckland (NZ), then in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney (AU). I’ll also be teaching two weekend intensive trainings. For details, click here.

After my Australia tour I’ll be meeting a small group of (about 12) new friends-to-be in Japan for the Power Places Tour in April.




How can we inspire people to take action on climate change? Ask the people of Sydney, Australia to turn off their lights for one hour.

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses did just that for one hour – Earth Hour. This massive collective effort reduced Sydney’s energy consumption by 10.2% for one hour, which is the equivalent effect of taking 48,000 cars off the road for one hour.

Inspired by the collective effort of millions of people, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour in 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement.


NEPAL: A GIRL’S LIFE (and how one man made a difference)

If the link below doesn’t work when you click, paste it into your browser and it will work.


JUST FOR FUN: A Virus Warning!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just issued a medical alert about a highly contageous and potentially dangerous virus that can be transmitted orally, by hand, or even electronically. It is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK).

If you get WORK from your boss, or a colleague, or anyone else, DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus can wipe out your personal life!

If you come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest supermarket and purchase one or both of the two known antidotes: Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) or Bothersome Employer Elimination Reeboter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

Share this alert with your circle of friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life.


Here are some free and fun online brain games to test and train reflexes and quick-thinking skills. If you only try one, do “Memory for Life.”



I find it so gratifying to hear from more people recently than in the past who tell me that they have read all, or nearly all, of my books — and who now have a sense of the scope of the “peaceful warrior’s way.” For those of you who have read only one, or perhaps two of my books, I invite you to explore others. Each offers another facet of the way.

Meantime, I’m hard at work on a first draft of my next book. More news later.
That’s all for now. Wishing you all good health and good journeys,


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