Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Straight Answers To Life’s Tough Questions

Using his gifts of intuition and expression, Dan Millman presents 24 powerful reminders about Reality, then illustrates how these reminders apply to everyday life by sharing answers to real-world questions he has received from people all over the world. In what may be his wisest work, Dan reveals the truths that can set us free.

Comments by Dan:
In this reader-friendly, bite-sized book, designed to be read in sections of seven pages each, I present timeless principles — reminders that Socrates referred to as “The House Rules.” Then, through anecdotes and teaching stories, I respond to questions I’ve received that address some universal challenges of daily life. Readers of Living on Purpose will encounter familiar situations and questions, such as “How can I find the right teacher for me?” Here are reminders for daily living in a new and refreshing format.