Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

A Practical Path to Courage, Compassion, and Personal Mastery

In this in-depth audio learning program, Dan shares the full breadth of his insights, tools, and practical wisdom for those seeking a peaceful heart and warrior’s spirit.

The Peaceful Warrior’s Way — a Spiritual Path in the Modern World
With clarity, humor, and a gift for blending transcendent insight with the realities of daily life, Dan guides you personally through an array of principles and practices to help you:

  • Integrate body, mind, and emotions into a spiritual whole
  • reclaim your will and self-worth
  • identify and resolve energy leaks to enhance your full capacity
  • trust your intuition and deepen self-knowledge to make wiser decisions
  • transcend fear, self-doubt, and other emotional obstructions
  • awaken your heart
  • live with greater moment-to-moment appreciation for the gift of life

This six-hour program includes:

  • Embarking on the Way—the three stages of life, the warrior’s spirit, trusting your own path
  • Core principles—control vs. influence; meeting your emotions; paradox, humor, change, and living in the eternal present
  • Spiritual laws, including choice, process, integrity, action, and surrender
  • Keys to personal evolution and self-mastery
  • Life, death, rebirth, and transcendence
  • The Big Picture—realizing the larger purpose beneath your everyday challenges in career, relationships, and beyond

Dan reminds his listeners that, “Life comes at us in waves of change that we cannot predict or control, but we can learn to surf.”

Find perspective and resilience with The Complete Peaceful Warrior’s Way. Ride the waves with balance, courage, and presence.

Trusting Your Own Path

by Dan Millman | The Complete Peaceful Warrior's Way