Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way


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Re: President Barack Obama

Greetings Peaceful Warriors: Recently, given today's political and economic climate, U.S. President Barack Obama is being described, deconstructed, and analyzed by columnists, politicians, pundits. So it seems timely to offer a fresh view of Barack Obama based upon...

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On Inspired Music and Warriors

There's a poster on my office wall that says, Without music, life wouldn't be fair — a creative and quirky idea, yet somehow it rings true. Music celebrates, for humans, not only the gift of sound, of vibration, but also its unique ability to resonate different...

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Statement About the Peaceful Warrior Movie

Fifteen years ago, I was fairly compensated for the film rights to my book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior; beyond that, I have no direct financial connection to the movie. Yet I am actively supporting this film because I believe it will do some good in the world. The...

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