Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

Extraordinary Experiences That Changed Lives

Originally published as Divine Interventions, Bridge Between Worlds is improved and re-designed, with inspiring stories of “extraordinary experiences that changed lives.” It provides an expanded vision of life’s mystery and possibilities. Read cover to cover or enjoy one story each day.

Comments by Dan:

One morning, as I was about to begin a new writing project, friend and fellow author Doug Childers dropped by and suggested that we collaborate on a book. I was about to decline (I was doing fine writing on my own) but something about his idea of stories about life’s mystery and miracles intrigued me. Our collaboration resulted in a fascinating collection of true-life stories. They relate dramatic events that point to the possibility of so-called “miraculous” healing and transformation.

You may be moved many times over by these encouraging, uplifting, and well-documented reports about historical icons and little-known men and women from all walks of life, which remind us all that life is more than it appears — and so are we.