Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way


I carefully considered whether or not to even mention the approaching presidential election later this year. It has been my long-standing belief that real peace and international stability requires a fundamental shift in human consciousness, from competitive to a collaborative mind-set. However, our U.S. president and administration can make an important difference (for good or ill, as we have learned these past years).

Priorities are key — how shall we spend our resources? To what goals shall we dedicate ourselves and our country? What fundamental beliefs (liberal, centrist, conservative) beliefs do we hold sacred?

I would not even begin to suggest who you (or anyone else) should vote for. But I am free to let you know that my choice is Barak Obama. Why? Not because he is African-American (and what his election would say about our country's evolution); nor would I vote for Hillary Clinton because just because I believe that electing a woman to this office would also represent an evolutionary step. Symbols are secondary. I have made Obama my choice because I believe he has the greater measure of wisdom and perspective. Even more than Hillary Clinton, despite her political savvy and experience; even more than John McCain despite his elder status and years of service.

For those of you familiar with the Life Purpose System as expressed in The Life You Were Born to Live may be interested in knowing that Clinton is working 30/3 (expression and sensitivity) and I found it interesting when she stated that she had "found her voice." She potentially has great intuitive sensitivity (which she takes pains to cover with a tough veneer) — and Obama (and his wife Michelle) are both working 29/11, charisma and creativity (as well as insecurity and a need to prove oneself). And for those of you who must know, former president Bill Clinton was working 38/11, same as Madonna — a drive for expression (3), a need for recognition (8) and a life centering on work, and the same "11" as Obama, with both creativity and insecurity.

These times call for a president with creative solutions and inspiring leadership. Our country cries for it. If Hillary Clinton was elected, we could do worse. A lot worse. She would accomplish much positive work, depending upon the ever-present house and senate. But in Barak Obama, I believe we have hidden gold and great potential to re-forge America into that beacon of hope and shining example of integrity to which much of the world has aspired until recent years.

By the way, I have much respect for John McCain as well, despite certain philosophical and policy differences. He's a good man who, I hope, has a long and healthful career ahead.

One this we can agree upon. Our president, and his or her administration, and the congress are going to have to rise above politics as usual because the times demand it. They always have. Whether we will meet the challenge — whether America is yet to see her finest hours, or devolve into something less, is yet to be seen. In the meantime, we can each attend to our own integrity, values, and priorities to live and lead in our own families and communities.