Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose

One of Dan’s most popular books due to its uncanny accuracy in revealing and clarifying each reader’s core talents, and hurdles. Written to increase self-knowledge, as well as compassion for self and others. Includes key spiritual laws to overcome the hurdles on each of the 37 life paths.

Comments by Dan:

Many of the wise have advised: Know Thyself. I had studied numerous systems for insight, each with varying degrees of usefulness. Then I met an unusual man and learned the basics of what I call the Life Purpose System.

The Life You Were Born to Live provides a powerful (and formerly secret) method to clarify each reader’s life path and purpose, including the core challenges and strengths you were born to address. Each of us is unique (just as no tree is exactly like any other). But just as redwoods that are different from birches or oaks, each of us is born with a different “frequency” or pattern we are here to fulfill. Anyone who has perused the book will enthusiastically testify to its accuracy and accessibility. Understanding your own life path — to reaffirm, clarify and focus your strengths and address your challenges — can be extremely validating and liberating. Equally so, understanding the challenges and gifts of your parents, children, and others can change relationships and lives.

Many readers have also enjoyed the sections addressing “The Energies of Relationship” and “The Nine-Year Cycles.” When you look up the section about your life path, prepare to be as amazed as I was when first exposed to this information.

If you’ve read The Life You Were Born to Live, you know about the life path numbers and what they mean for you, for your parents, children, partner, friends and others.

Use the life purpose calculator to determine a birth number for any birth date, revealing summary information about that life-path as described in more detail in The Life You Were Born to Live.

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