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The Original Teachings

Beginnings of the Way: Principles & Practices

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Author: Dan Millman
Narrator: Dan Millman
Audio Original
Running Time: 5 Hrs.

Dan Millman's first audio-seminar

Influenced by a variety of mentors and experiences over the past 25 years, Dan Millman has passed through different stages, from the metaphysical realms and back down to earth. This early program includes:

  • Tools for physical vitality
  • A new model of personal reality
  • Powers of the subconscious
  • Healing relationships
  • Harnessing emotional energy
  • Making clear decisions
  • Choosing a career
  • Opening inner sight
  • Spiritual sense
  • Unreasonable happiness
  • Spiritual sense

  • This personal seminar concludes with a high-energy "Peaceful Warrior Week" program that transforms daily life into a spiritual path

    Please note: This audio CD program was produced some years ago by Dan in his office using a portable recorder. Thus, the sound quality is not as clear as some of his other professionally-recorded programs. Nonetheless, we trust you will find the content fully worthwhile.