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Energizing the Body

Taking Life to the Next Level

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Author: Dan Millman
Narrator: Dan Millman
Audio Original
Running Time: 3 Hrs. 9 Min.

Spiritual life begins in the body, and energy is the key to amplify every human capacity.

This program includes:

- A Warrior's Guide to Well-Being: A natural approach to health, vitality, and renewal

- Training Body, Mind, and Spirit: Physical training as a path of personal evolution

- Breath, Relaxation, and Life: How to release stress and increase pleasure and ease

- Dan's Daily Dozen: Simple practices to slow the aging process and balance the body

- Powers of the Basic Self: Trusting your body wisdom and powers of healing

- A Warrior's Meditation: Accessing the energies and wisdom of nature

Please note: This audio program was produced some years ago by Dan using a portable recorder. Thus, the sound quality is not as clear as some of his other professionally-recorded programs. Nonetheless, we trust you will find the content fully worthwhile.