• Discover Your Creative Compass

In this illuminating course, Dan and Sierra Prasada -- father and daughter coauthors of The Creative Compass -- connect you with your inner storyteller. Whether you're a writer, artist, or innovator, you'll find greater creative and personal fulfillment thanks to their groundbreaking approach. Each week, you'll receive an email link inviting you to login to a new lesson, including text, audio, and exercises. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.


Several thousand people so far have enjoyed and benefitted from Dan's first online course:  Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

Now, for the first time ever, The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout — the same workout that Dan has done every day for the past 28 years — is available as a 30-day course.

As with all of Dan's DailyOM courses, you pay whatever you choose based on what you can afford, how much the course seems worth to you.

Every two days you'll receive another email with a link to the next lesson — every two days you learn (using text and video demonstration) another element in the course, adding to what you have already learned.

• Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior

This course provides a map of the path to authentic and lasting fulfillment. You will learn that there is nothing you have to add to your life, but rather, it involves removing unseen obstructions you have faced in twelve different areas of life. And you will learn how to overcome each of these obstructions to experience genuine happiness. Has your life sometimes felt like a puzzle with pieces missing? Is self-worth a missing piece for you? How about self-discipline - or trusting your intuition in making important decisions? Or facing your fears?

Each week, Dan will personally guide you through each of twelve key areas that form the foundation of a happy, abundant and truly satisfying life filled with meaning and purpose and connection. Each lesson brings you closer to your higher self with new revelations about how you can live with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

• The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout

If you haven't found time for regular exercise, the benefits of the 4-minute workout can be dramatic over time. And if you already have an active lifestyle, the workout provides a perfect body-mind warm-up for daily life.

In each lesson, Dan coaches you, step-by-step, with each new movement and breathing pattern, until you've mastered the complete 4-minute routine. Improve your strength, suppleness, coordination and balance. Develop the body and spirit of a peaceful warrior every day of your life!