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Inviting Dan to Speak

Dan Millman's work reinvents the meaning of success, and outlines the path to a peaceful heart and warrior spirit — at work, at home, in everyday life. He tailors the content and language of each presentation to fit the needs, interests and themes of the gathering.

As a professional speaker with a busy schedule, Dan has to be selective where he travels. As much as he appreciates all the kind invitations that he receives, he can only consider those that meet the following professional criteria:

    (1) You are an established business or experienced conference organizer; i.e. this is not your first effort.

    (2) You can send a $1,000 deposit within 7 days after signing an Agreement letter, and can send the balance of Dan's speaking fee (to be mutually-agreed-upon) 7 days prior to the Event.

If both (1) and (2) above apply to you, please fill out the following form. We will then send Dan's Speaker Information material. After reading that, we can discuss fee, date and other details by phone.

NOTE: Dan and Joy now live in Brooklyn, NY.

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